Condor AG – LandLife is an ‘ionic exchange resin’ that changes heavy or high clay content soils into a form more useable for farming, gardening, and landscaping. With Condor AG, the soil requires less irrigation and fertilization, and there will be fewer problems with standing surface water. Condor AG increases the permeability of the soil, making it possible for water to be absorbed more easily into the roots.

Condor AG – LandLife is made from recycled material and has been approved for agricultural use. It is safe for wildlife and fish and actually results in healthier soil. It does not leave a residue nor does it contain contaminants.

Condor AG – Landlife is a concentrated liquid that when mixed with water, ionizes the water which, when applied to the ground, carries the ionized water into the soil. The ionized water travels through the soil neutralizing the cationic (positive) charges present in the clay platelets contained within the soil. The clay then loses its affinity for water. The water held in the clay is released and the nutrients and fertilizer salts that had been trapped with the water are made available to facilitate plant growth. With the proper oxygen rich environment, increased levels of good bacteria can develop, increasing the health of root systems and enhancing the uptake of nutrients. The soil becomes more granular and behaves like a good quality soil for growing. 

Condor AG – LandLife can optimize soil for growth in the following ways:

  • Condor AG’s unique oxidizing action provides ideal conditions for helpful bacteria which in turn reduces the proliferation of harmful bacteria.
  • Organic carbon is an important ingredient in Condor AG, which helps to bring the soil particles together to form granules facilitating root growth and the flow of water.
  • Soil pH is normalized when hydrogen ions in acidic soil are replaced by anions from Condor AG and cations in Condor AG are combined with hydroxide ions in alkaline soils.

Condor AG – LandLife and water solution can be applied during irrigation or it can be sprayed on separately using a liquid applicator. In cases where there is a problem with surface water not properly draining into the ground, the Condor AG concentrate can be mixed into the surface water. The treated water will drain into the soil and the soil having been treated, will be freed of standing water for an extended period. Results with Condor AG can be obtained quickly and easily. Initial results can be observed in a few short days where as the maximum effects require 6-8 weeks. 

Condor AG – LandLife is used for:


Row crops

Trees and Orchards

Sports fields