Condor DG – Digester chemically predigests organic wastes and maintains a healthy, odor-free environment in septic tanks, vault toilets, sludge pits and even sewage treatment facilities. Condor DG is a sulfonated petroleum product, i.e. it is blended with a mild acid so that it consumes dead proteins. It is used for the deodorization and digestion of organic solid wastes.

The application of Condor DG – Digester breaks out the oxygen molecules from water in huge quantities, resulting in the growth and multiplication of enzymes producing aerobic bacteria. These enzymes then start a chain reaction to break down the solid wastes and the anaerobic bacteria. This chain reaction feeds itself and expands exponentially, cleaning up the septic tank/sewage treatment facility.

Since anything placed in a septic system or sewage treatment facility will ultimately end up in the soil, or adjacent water, it is important to understand the potential impact on our environment. Numerous tests conducted by dozens of agencies over the years have confirmed that not only is Condor DG – Digester an extremely effective degrader of waste build up and odor controller, but also produces no harmful by-products as a result of its function. The only by-products of this process are the release of carbon dioxide and water.

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