Condor SS – Soil Stabilizer is an environmentally-friendly chemical soil stabilization product. It is distributed by Aeonian Earth Solutions in concentrated liquid form and then mixed with water by a licensed applicator or a well trained commercial user. The formula for Condor SS is a trade secret and is protected by a patent.
Soil that contains clay is an imperfect base for construction. The negative electrical charges present in the clay’s structure can attract water from up to 12 feet away, thus swelling the clay. Once dried, the clay contracts causing cracks in the soil. This wreaks havoc on foundations of structures and well-built roads.

The Condor Effect

Condor SS brings the clay, present in the soil, to a balanced state. This is referred to as the ‘Condor Effect.’ The electrical charges in the clay are equally balanced and distributed, eliminating the attraction to water and the problems associated with it, such as, capillary pumping, swelling, contracting, lateral expansion, and poor bearing strength amongst others. Once treated with Condor SS, the clay releases the water. With the absence of this water, the weight of the structure, road or compactor, causes the clay structure to collapse, closing the tiny capillaries, thus providing a much stronger and stable building surface with exceptional bearing capacity.

Use & Application

Injecting the soil with Condor SS is an inexpensive step to take to prevent costly damage that the clay content causes. Condor SS can be used to prepare surfaces for buildings (residential and commercial), road building and runway construction. 
Condor SS can be used in remedial situations where damage from swelling and shrinking soil has already occurred. The product can be injected beneath the affected home, building, or other structure, mitigating future damage. Condor SS is injected with the same equipment a contractor uses for water injection.