Wood’s Rooting Compound stimulates rooting of herbaceous and woody cuttings. For over twenty years, Wood’s Rooting Compound has rooted millions of healthy plants for the nursery and reforestation industries over the world. It is our belief that Wood’s Rooting Compound will be a useful tool for your propagating needs. 

Wood’s Rooting Compound provides a safe, effective and an inexpensive way for the commercial grower to take advantage of rooting stimulants for plant propagation.
This formulation consists of approximately 10,000 parts per million (PPM) of Indole-3Butyric Acid (IBA) and 5000 PPM of Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA). As alcohol is used as the solvent for the active ingredients, Wood’s Rooting Compound is self-sanitizing, so problems with cross contamination are eliminated.

There are several advantages to using concentrated liquid dips over the leading powders, the most important being the flexibility to allow the propagator to easily select the exact concentration desired for each type of cutting. The liquid allows uniformity of coverage and rapid absorption of the IBA. 

Wood’s Rooting Compound is safe to use on ornamental trees and fruit trees that have not yet produced fruit. The active ingredient IBA, is considered to be a biochemical pesticide, i.e. it has a non toxic mode of action. This is because it; a) is used in low volumes, b) is target specific (only used on the tip of the cutting), and c) duplicates a naturally occurring process in plants. Wood’s Rooting Compound produces no waste, and the product does not stay in a plant once a cutting has been rooted.

General dilution guidelines:

  For soft tissue: 1 part Woods Rooting Compound to 20 parts water.                        For medium woods: 1 part Woods Rooting Compound to 10 parts water.            For hard woods: 1 part Woods Rooting Compound to 5 parts water.

Dip the cutting to the depth from which you want the roots to grow.    Then rinse the cutting in plain water and plant in your favorite rooting medium. 

The shelf life, if stored in the original container, is up to two years. Limiting exposure to sunlight and intense heat will help prolong the shelf life. Wood’s Rooting Compound has a tendency to darken over time without losing its effectiveness. Once diluted in water, it should be used within a 10-12 hour period. To avoid contamination of the product, never return the mixture to the concentrate. Wood’s Rooting Compound has been tested extensively for both rooting effectiveness and safety to humans, animals and our environment.